Refreshing IDF Forces Operating Across the Border

Who we are

The Special Operations Group is an organization consisting of officers, fighters, veterans from special units and SWAT teams, and volunteers from various fields of activity. The group unites various initiatives under a single organizational framework to support the fighters, both on the southern front and potentially on other fronts in the future.

What we do

In coordination with the IDF, we reach the refreshment points and address the needs of the fighters. We provide the soldiers with the familiar tastes, smells, and sounds of home—everything essential for the body and mind that the army does not provide. Our approach is a ONE-STOP-SHOP, where various volunteer initiatives for the well-being of the fighters unite to deliver a coordinated response at a designated time for combat teams.

Food Soldiers Love

Burgers, hot dogs, pasta, stir-fry, sweets, and soft drinks.

Essential Equipment

This comprises underwear, portable chargers, energy kits (energy & protein bars).


We have artists to boost morale. The extent of these services depends on the location and risk assessment at a specific point.

A pick from what we did

What do we need

We are seeking business partners to finance our activities in the initial two-month phase, during which we will support approximately 300 fighters each day. This support includes:

Donations are tax-deductible

All donations are intended for fighters. The group operates on a fully voluntary basis.
  • Beit Yatziv B.S. Ltd. Number 510237894
  • IBAN Account InformationIL650110940000124363875
  • Discount Bank (11) Branch 094 Account 0124363875

For collaborations

  • Shiri Daniel, +972528781312 shiri@dnapro.co.il
  • Noa Efroni, +972526027852 noa@dnapro.co.il
  • Shay Belhassen, +12134487017